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Note: Witt references in individual newsletters are highlighted.


Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol VIII No 1 August 1985

Write a Book? Pp 1-2

Witt=Whitt=Unite A Major Breakthrough? Pp 16-19

Sides/Bates p 3

Elisha Witt of Estill Co, KY pp 21-22

Lindley-Harbour Connection pp 4-6

Mize Family p 23

Harber vs Harber pp 7-9

Moses Harbour Cemetery pp 24-25

Harbour Descendant Honored p 10

Morris Descendants of Amos Harbour pp 26-31

Aluuni Wit p 11


Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol VIII No 2 & 3 October 1985-86

A Trilogy on Witt: Lee County, an uncertain tradition pp 34-43

Fahl/Fahl Family p 65

A Trilogy on Witt: Mass- English versus Dutch/German pp 44-59

Children of Thomas & Sarah Harbour Revised pp 68-71

A Trilogy on Witt: Clearly German Origin pp 60-67

Harbour Index (AIS) pp 72-77

Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol II No 4 1980

Another Son of Abner Harbour I pp 89-94

Allen Rufus Witt pp 102-103

Change of Publication Year p 95

Rev Burwell Spurlock pp 105-06

New Information on Jared Harbour pp 96-98

Witt/Whitt Census Index (AIS) 108-119

Review of Abner Children p99


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