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Note: Witt references in individual newsletters are highlighted.


Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol VII No 1 August 1984

Oldest Harbour Cemetery pp 1-2

Skelton-Harbour-Middlebrook pp 12-13

Dutch Harbers? P 3

Kith and Kin pp 14-15

Harber Reunion, Abilene, TX pp 4-5

Tribute to Lou Williams p 16-17

Two Jonathan W s p 6

Brannon-Witt pp 17-20

Jackson Co Ky Census pp 7-8

Witt/Whitt pp 21-23

Preston Witt's Triumph p 9

Witt/Whitt Index pp 24-25

Cabell Co WV Harbours p 11

Harbour Index p 26

Lee Co VA Harbers p 11

Dalton Family Connections p 26-31 (Part I)

Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol VII No 2 October 1984

Virginia Dare p 33

VA Soldiers in 1776 p 48-9

Lou Williams pp 34-5

Aires Witt vs Aires Witt pp 50-1

Elisha Harbour (cont) p 36-40

Dalton Family (Part II) pp 52-59

Charles City- map p 41

Association Members pp 60-63

Judge Samuel Witt pp 45-7


Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol VII No 3 Feb 1985

The Harbour-Pitts Co p 65

Genealogy by Telephone (Witt/Whitt) pp 73-75

DOWN but not out pp 66-67

McDaniel Family p 75

Goochland Deed Records p 67

Aires Witt's uncle Griffith Rutherford pp 76-77

Spurlock Materials pp 68-71

TEXAS Witt/Whitt in IGI p 78

Revolutionary Pensioners p 69

Anglin/Thornhill Connection pp 79-80

Barbardos p 71

Will of William Mayo p 81

Abilene, TX Harber Reunion p 72

Dalton Family part III pp 82-99

Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol VII No 4 1985

Patrick Co, VA Cemeteries pp 101-102

Spurlock Family p 113

Joshua Harbour pp 103-05

Turman Family pp 114-115

Fain A Witt p 107

Jarnigan Connections pp 118-130

Vestry Book p 110

Statue of Liberty p 131

James Connections p 112


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