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Note: Witt references in individual newsletters are highlighted.


Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol V No 1 1982

Martin V Harber pp 2-6

Asa Harbour of OH p 16

Lauds to The Harbours in America p 9

Patterson & Witt p 17

Jesse Witt of Henry Co, VA p 11

The Edney Family pp 17-18

TN-KY Census pp 12-13

David Witt pp 25-29

Thomas Lovelady p 14

NC Notes p 30

Spurlock Marriages p 15

Caleb Witt p 31

Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol V No 2 October 1982

Christmas Suggestion p 33

Here, There and Yonder p 46-9

Library Memorials p 35

Herbert H Harbour Stabbed p 52-3

Cabell Co WV Harbours p 36-7

Sympathy p 54-5

Esther Cronk Clue p 37

David Witt-Sarah Harbour Family p 56-8

Smith-Moore-Harbour Witt Tangled Branches p 40-3

John Witt- MS p 59

Gallia Co, OH Harbours p 44

Contradictions re: Wm Witt Sons p 60-2

Family Tradition Shot Down p 45


Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol V No 3 Feb 1982-83

Harbours of Cherokee Co, AL pp 67-69

Witt Reunion & Association p 88-89

Comer Family of Cherokee Co, AL p 75-77

Pedigree Chart of Frances Brummett pp 90-91

Witt/Whitt/Witts of Cherokee Co, AL p 78

Norton material on Lewis Witt p 92

James Knox Polk Harbour Family of AR pp 80-82

Wayne Witt Bates Corrections p 93

Sheltons of VA p 83

Will of Anne Witt of Bedford Co, VA p 94

MacCallisters of WV p 84

Land Record from Wm Matlock to Wm Witt p 95

Newton Harbour of IL/MO p 85


Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol V No 4 1983

Alabama Harbours p 98-101

Probating Wills (McKibben) p 117-118

Reunions p 103

Cronk Family p 125

Elisha Harbour (I) pp 104-107

Bell Family p 126

Five Generations p 108-110


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