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Note: Witt references in individual newsletters are highlighted.


Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol IV No 1 1981

Elder Moses Green (e) Harbour Home p 1

A Narrow Approach to Genealogy p 17

"The Presses are Rolling" p 3

John Fuson Bible p 18-19

John A Harbour of IN p 4

Witt Documents p 18-19

Abner Harbour of OH-IA-KS p 4-5

More on Wm Whitt p 24-25

Agnlin/Spurlock/Idle of IN p 6-7

Harbour Kids Reunion in OR p 26

US vs Heirs of Cameron Co, TX p 8

Robert Whitt Records p 27

Hall Family of Patrick Co, VA p 10-11

Benjamin Witt Notes p 29-29

McLellan Co, TX Cemetery Records p 12-13

Commissions in TN Militia 1812 p 30

Here, There and Yonder p 14


Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol IV No 2 & 3 October 1982

Chas Witt Branch p 34

Huguenot Society p 47

The Harbours in America Book Ready p 37

Turman Notes & Pictures p 58

National Archives p 38

Harbour-Dale Connection p 60

Dallas Genealogical Society p 40

The Morrison Family of Patrick Co, VA pp 64-68

Harbour-Witt Incorporation p 40

Bates-Lair-Logan-Witt-Wright p 69

Indices Available p 41

Picture of Mrs. Gress Boone p 71

Long-time Harbour Researchers Die p 42

The Rev John W Harbour Family and Picture p 72-76

TN Tax Records p 46

The Young Men's Adventure p 77

National Genealogical Society p 47

Picture of Solomon Carmichael p 78

Here, There and Yonder p 48

Unpublished manuscript of Mrs. Mary L Norton p 79-83

Blue Ridge Heritage p 54


Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol IV No 4 Feb 1982

Lou's Birthday Celebration p 85

The Smith Perspective on Harbour-Watkins-Witt p 104

Miss Pearl Hall Honoured p 87

Dale Family Materials p 105-107

Allied Families Information p 88,102

Wm Witt/Mildred Baber Family p 108-113

Witt Lines, 90,92,95,115

Dixie Harbour Self honored p 114

Harbour Lines p 90,115

A Skelton Line p 115

Chronology of John Witt, III (brother of Sarah Harbour) p 96

Reunions p 87,88

Here, There and Yonder p 97-103


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