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Note: Witt references in individual newsletters are highlighted.


Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol III No 1 1980

Policy & Dues p 2

Picture p 19

Mrs. Norton's Mats p 2-4

Here, There, and Yonder p 26-30

Canadian Harbours p 6-7

Witt-Harbour Surveys p 31-32

Witt Member 'finds' Harbours p 8-10

Sons of John Witt pp 33-35

From the Editor p 12-16


Elijah C Harbour of Itawamba Co, MS pp 17-20


Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol III No 2 1980

Harbour-Witt Descendant honored p 37

James Knox Polk Harbour of AR p 54

Books donated to Association p 38

Elisha Talmon Harbour of MS-AR p 56

Old County Histories p 39

Moore Bible Records p 58

William Harbour of OH & IA p 40

Lee Co VA Tombstone Readings p 59

Benjamin Harbour Descendants p 42

Lewis Witt Descendants p 60

Jarvis Witt Ancestry p 45

Land Surveys p 61

Abner Harbour of VA & IL p 46

1850 TN Census (Witt) p 62

Jarnigan/Journican Confusion p 50


Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol III No 3 Feb 1981

Harbour-Radford Information p 65

Manakintowne by Mrs. Norton p 80-82

Reunions, Meetings p 67,69,74

Charles Witt Branch p 83-90

Harbour-McBee Connection p 70-72

Charles Witt Will p 91

Witt-Trent Line p 78-79


Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol III No 4 1981

Hezekiah Whitt Home in VA p 93

Samuel C Witt Family p 108-111

Here, There and Yonder p 94-95

Picture of Samuel C Witt Family p 109

Harbours in the Confederate Army p 96-98

Richard Witt/Whitt Documents p 112-116

Mobile O Harbour Family p 99-101

Settlers of Manakintowne p 117

Pictures of Mobile O Harbour p 101-102

Witt Families on MO census pp 118-119

Harbour/Prilliman p 103-105

Kegley's Western Waters pp 120-123

Stamps/Witt Connection pp 106-107

Tom Harbour and the Panic of 1837 p 123

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