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Note: Witt references in individual newsletters are highlighted.


Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol II No 1 August 1979

Policy & Dues p 2

Map of the Three-Notch'ed Road pp 14-17

Hats Off to Lou Williams! P 3

Membership Report p 18

Tragic Death of R E Turman, p 4

"Twice a Witt" p 20

Will of John F Harbour p 6

Hardin Co TN First Annual Reunion p 22

Excerpt from War of the Rebellion p 10

"Thomas Harbour Home & Store Blgd" p 24

The Witt Riddle, p 12

Judith Strange Mystery Solved" p 26

Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol II No 2 October 1979

Policy and Dues p 2

Rev Isaiah Harbour pp 20-23

Rev Silas Witt pp 3-5

More Turman notes, pp 29-30

Another Harbour Riddle Solved pp 6-7

Some Radford Family History pp 31-32

Elisha Harbour of Hardin Co, TN pp 9-11

Joseph Harbour of Ohio & Harper Co, KS, pp 33-35

Harbour Map, Georgia, SC and Tennessee, p 18

Notes on Gallia County, Ohio & Cabell County, WV Harbours

Jacob Harbour of Marshall Co, TN p 19


Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol II No 3 Feb 1980

Policy & Dues p 2

Family Named Postoffices "p 23

More About Witts pp 3-6

The Ragland Connection pp 24-26

Old Tax Records of Henry County, VA by Lela Adams, p 8-12

Some Harbour Descendants NOT eligible for DAR p 27

Gallia & Highland Cos, O Harbours pp 14-17

"Calhoun & Dallas Co AR Harbours" p 28

Pic of a Gallia Co, O Harbour Reunion pp 18-19 Centerfold

Pictures of Dallas Co AR Harbours p 29

Elijah Harbour I pp 20-22

Old letter & newspaper story concerning the family of Elisha & Catherine Arrowsmith Harbour pp 31-33

Here, There and Yonder pp 22-23

Sympathy Messages pp 34-35

Harbour-Witt Association Newsletter Vol II No 4 1980

Family Reunions p 105, 136-7

Pictures of Descendants p 133-134

Policy and Annual Dues p 106

Thomason-Harbour Families p 138

Rev Burwell Spurlock pp 107-112

Jacob Harbour descendants p 145

Picture p 111

Adonijah Harbour family p 146

Overman Family p 114

Lee County, VA Wills, etc p 148

Ancestors of Marvin Witt pp 118-119

Witt/Whit/Whitt Data pp 147, 149-151

Rockingham Co, NC pp 120-125

Harbour/Witt Surveys p 152

Elijah Harbour I p 130

Sullivan Co, TN Harbours p 159

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